Elopement+Destination Weddings

What is an Elopement?

No longer are the days of "running away" considered an Elopement, but rather taking place in a beautiful location whether in your home town, backyard, family land, or across the globe. An Elopement brings focus back on to the couple, they can share it with a few friends or simply just enjoy it being intimate.

What is a destination Wedding?

Older traditions of grand church weddings are evolving as more and more couples are choosing a modest affair. Though no two weddings are alike, couples are opting for a more intimate wedding. Micro weddings not only allow you to save money, but allows the couple to be in a more relaxed atmosphere surrounded by their closest family and friends. Having a micro wedding allows you to have a higher-end dinning experience as venues and restaurants are more accessible to smaller groups. Embodying this type of wedding allows your to rethink traditions, make your own, and even allows you to gather with the same group of friends or family for future anniversaries. Smaller weddings open up a vast variety of locations and destinations that are budget friendly.

Benefits of a Small or Micro Wedding

These types of weddings can be a beautiful intersect between 'all or nothing'. They are ideal for those who may want to forgo the large wedding or those who fell the wedding planning process is overwhelming. Micro weddings allow you to maintain a budget without having to sacrifice the details. In going with a smaller wedding, it allows for your photographer to capture more of the intimacy and preciousness that is your wedding day.

Who Might Want a Micro Wedding?

  • Newly Engaged Couples
  • Couples wanting romance + intimacy
  • Couples planning a destination wedding
  • Cost- Conscious Couples
  • Couples having multiple ceremonies to include family unable to travel
  • Second Marriages
  • Vow Renewals
  • Couples who have booked same day or next day travel for their honeymoon